A big thank you to Crowthorne for supporting me on my Road to Rio. Crowthorne are independent business communication solution providers, to the hospitality sector, retail sector, petrochemical industry and beyond.

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Mizuno supported me on the run up to Rio 2016. They have always been my personal shoe of choice, having tried all the other brands. So it means alot that they are able to help me out with product sponsorship on my journey towards Tokyo 2020.

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Mako are my wetsuit and swimsuit sponsor. Their products are actually amazing (not just saying that). Their products are extremely fashionable and look amazing. As for the wetsuit it is the most flexible wetsuit I have ever owned and I have had a fair few in the past.

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Tank are the tandem specialists who supply me with the most amazing tandems around and even custom built. When I was truly desperate for a bike to race on at the world championships in 2012 they sent a bike out to me straight away all the way from Taiwan.

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Vorgee are my goggle sponsor. With poor vision goggles can make a huge difference and with their technology, lense colour and comfort they are perfect for myself.

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UK Sport

UK Sport have helped me financially since I have been on the world class performance squad from 2013. Their contribution meant I didn't have to work full time and could focus on my training.

Oliver Hughes Physiotherapy

Ollie has been my physio for a number of years now and I trust him with everything. He has got me through injuries and able to compete no matter what.

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TR1 Coaching

TR1 coaching supplies me with all my training sessions. This works really well for me as I don't have to go from one coach to another each day/session it is all set out and their is no conflict. We have regular meetings to discuss what works, what doesn't and how to get the most out of each session.

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Etherington Meats

I am truly grateful for receiving support and sponsorship from my local farm shop, Etherington Meats. They have donated to running costs of my tandem and general expenses, as well as supporting me with a discount in their shop!

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